Humidity and Your Skin

Humidity and Your Skin

During the summer months in certain climates, the weather can become downright damp. When this happens, skin can sweat more and also produce excess sebum, all of which may lead to more bacteria and other debris clinging to the skin and causing problems. Warmer, more humid weather may also cause the pores to open, which leaves them vulnerable to clogging, acne, and allergic reactions. On top of this, humidity can simply make the skin look undesirably shiny.

Our Recommendation for Humid Weather

Luckily, warm, humid weather doesn’t have to have the last say for your skin. With the right skincare routine, including natural, organic, and soothing formulas, you can fight the negative effects of hot, damp weather for a naturally flawless complexion. We recommend the following routine morning and night.

Start with a Good Cleanse

Since more humid weather tends to allow more debris to stick to the skin, it’s essential to start by cleansing first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night. (Tip: washing your pillowcase often with natural detergent can also help.)

Our Gentle Cleansing Lotion and Revitalizing Cleansing Gel both work well to remove bacteria, pollen, and dead cells from the skin’s surface without completely stripping it of moisture. They also provide antioxidant protection to help diminish skin’s reaction to stressors through our proprietary Blackberry Antioxidant Complex.

Tone to Restore Balance and Close Pores

As noted above, humid weather may cause pores to open more and become clogged. Using a toner like our Clarifying Toner helps tighten pores back up while soothing skin with ingredients like Rose Geranium Extract and Cucumber. This step also allows skin to better absorb the actives from the products that follow.

Hydrate with Good Moisture

It may seem counterintuitive, but skin needs moisture in damp environments. Think of your skin like a sponge. If it’s already full of healthy, clean, and nutrient-rich moisturizer, it’s less able to soak up sweat, sebum, and water from the air which may contain pollutants. However, you’ll want to avoid oily or greasy hydrators which feel heavy and slick on the skin. Our natural Oil-Free Hydrator gives you all the benefits without the sticky feel.

Add a Serum for Skin Health

Like a hydrator, the serum step in your routine gives skin the moisture it needs, but it is even more rich in vitamins and active ingredients for added benefit. Our Renewal Facial Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid for plumping, plus Vitamin C for brightening and Vitamin E for a more youthful appearance.

Protect for Best Results:

Of course, during the daylight hours, you’ll want to follow up this routine with your favorite sunscreen. We recommend mineral sunscreens that are made with more natural ingredients and tend to sit on top of the skin rather than chemical sunscreens that have more artificial components and are made to penetrate skin. Also, choosing a sunscreen that is reef safe is always a plus!

Other Skincare Tips for Humid Weather

Along with following a good humidity skin care routine, try to stay hydrated during humid weather by drinking plenty of water. You can also exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. Try our Dual Action Scrub for natural gentle exfoliation and a fresh, clean feel. If your skin is prone to breakouts, you may wish to use a salicylic acid product to keep pores clear and prevent excess oil buildup. Be careful not to overuse, though. These products can be drying.

So, whether you’re traveling to a more tropical climate or simply experiencing a humid summer at home, by sticking to a solid skincare routine like the one recommended above as well as the bonus tips should keep your skin looking fresh, bright, youthful, and clear.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our skincare experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more!