Organic Beauty Product Active Ingredients

Every California Pure Naturals product features an organic, California-grown key ingredient that provides the foundation for our product's dermatological benefits.

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Aloe Vera
What can’t Aloe Vera do? Aloe contains Vitamin B-12, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes that help soothe and repair damaged skin!
Your skin is going to be dreaming of Argan Kernel Oil!  Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, this special ingredient not only softens skin but helps relieve dry and damaged skin. 
Our Miracle Fruit! Blackberries deliver an abundance of anti-aging antioxidants and are rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C—plus, your skin will smell AMAZING!
Restore your skin’s youthful suppleness! Borage Seed Oil helps provide relief to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Borage Seed Oil is also rich in the essential fatty acid Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).
Oh, Calendula Flower Extract, how we love you! Calendula is high in linoleic acid providing anti-inflammatory relief and is moisturizing! 
Carrot Root
Not only are carrots high in Vitamin A, they also stimulate skin cell growth—say hello to youthful looking skin! 
Chamomile is known for its antioxidant strength, which helps with inflammation and soothes skin.
Although small, grapes pack a powerful punch! Grapes are not only rich in antioxidants they also contain a plethora of Vitamins and Minerals (including Vitamin A & K)!
Green Tea
Green Tea Leaf is quite popular in the health and wellness arena—but what exactly does it do for your skin? High in polyphenols, Green Tea reduces inflammation naturally!
Wave goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles! Kiwis are rich in Vitamin E which is an excellent preventative for forming free radicals which cause signs of aging.
Orange Peel
No surprise here that Orange Peel is a naturally excellent source of Vitamin C, however, it also acts as an excellent astringent and can help brighten sensitive skin. 
Treat your skin with Papaya Fruit Extract. This antioxidant-rich fruit contains Vitamin A and Papain Enzyme which help rejuvenate and reduce blemishes! 
Not only do Pomegranates contain incredibly high levels of Vitamin C, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties that treat acne and reduce the appearance of wrinkles!
Are you a Raspberry Seed Oil fan? You soon will be! High in Vitamin E and Phytosterols, Raspberry Seed Oil helps enhance skin elasticity and youthful suppleness!
Rose Geranium
This flower not only lends a refreshed sensation to your skin, but it is also great at detoxifying and anti-aging!
One of nature’s best kept secrets: Rosehip Fruit Oil! Reduce dark spots and sun damage naturally all while still strengthening your skin’s structure with this nutrient and antioxidant-rich oil! 
Shea Butter
While being naturally rich with essential fatty acids, Shea Butter is one of nature’s best natural anti-inflammatory solutions! Key vitamins such as A, E and F leave your skin nourished & moisturized!