Facial Care

Utilizing the pure energy and simplicity of natural ingredients from mother nature, California Pure Naturals provides organic skincare products that benefit your body and the Earth. Our natural facial products use California-grown fruits, herbs, and botanicals that contain at least 70% organic ingredients. Here at California Pure Naturals, we deliver dermatologist-grade, vegan skincare products that are both potent and gentle on your sensitive facial skin; making sure to avoid unnatural chemicals and harmful toxins at all costs.  

From revitalizing cleansing gel to dual action facial scrubs, our organic soaps gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin without washing away precious natural oils from your sebaceous glands. When it comes to re-hydrating your facial skin, California Pure Naturals offers nourishing creams and oil-free hydrators that moisturize with wholesomely pure ingredients; leaving you with a beautiful, healthy complexion that protects your face from premature aging and free radicals.