Is Baby Sunscreen Only for the Summer?

Is Baby Sunscreen Only for the Summer?We all know that sun protection is vital to healthy skin, and that goes double for newborns and babies. But how frequently should you be using baby sunscreen: is it something that's only needed in the summer? Or should it be used more often?

When to Use Baby Sunscreen

It's a given that you should apply baby sunscreen anytime you take your little one out for fun under the sun. But as it turns out, sunscreen for kids isn't just a good idea in the summer: it's something you should be using year-round, regardless of the weather. Even on a cloudy winter day, high-frequency UV rays can penetrate the cloud cover and reach our skin, dealing damage even when we think we're safe. Applying a gentle, non-toxic baby sunscreen like our Natural Baby Sunscreen on a daily basis and every time your child goes out can keep your baby’s skin safe.

Sunscreen isn't the only way to provide effective sun protection. Don’t forget what your baby is wearing! Physically blocking the sun with clothes combined with using a natural, effective sunscreen can help ensure full protection while being out in the sun.

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