Age – 30s

Skin Care Routine: Age – 30's

Organic facial washes and organic facial lotion from California Pure Naturals, showing California Pure Naturals’ products Revitalizing Cleansing Gel, Gentle Cleansing Lotion, and Dual Action Scrub from left to right next to a sink.

How Your Skin Changes in Your 30s

Whether you approach 30 with downright panic, a bit of weariness or excitement about future possibilities, you can expect your body to undergo a few major changes. One such change is to your skin. Just like you dealt with acne in your teens and oily skin in your 20s, your skin is sure to go through a transition during this new decade. While everyone's skin is different, 30 is often the era of dry skin and irritation. You may also notice more dark spots than normal that arrive overnight but that take days to disappear. All of this is perfectly normal, but that doesn't make any of it any easier to deal with. However, with the right skin care products, and by adhering to the best skincare routine for the 30s, you can get control of your skin and achieve the healthy, youthful glow of your earlier years.

How to Care for Your Skin in Your 30s

Caring for your skin in your 30s looks slightly different than caring for your skin in your 20s. Though you will have to put forth a little more effort to maintain a radiant glow, with help from the experts at California Pure Naturals, your skin care routine 30s and beyond can be easy to maintain and yield real results. That said, a strong skin care routine begins with the best skin care products for the 30s. Here’s a basic routine:


  • Cleanse: If you hope to maintain a youthful glow, you need to scrub away any impurities and help promote new collagen growth. Our Revitalizing Cleansing Gel, which contains calendula flower extracts and orange peel, is refreshing and moisturizing. After use, your skin will not only look radiant, but it will feel good as well. If you have more sensitive skin or just want to use a more moisturizing base, use our Gentle Cleansing Lotion, which removes dirt and makeup but still leaves the skin feeling hydrated and balanced.
  • Tone: Our Clarifying Toner can bring balance to your life and sooth and calm your skin. The cucumber and rose geranium are calming at any age, but it can be especially soothing for the irritation typical of 30-year-old skin. The toner also locks in moisture, minimizes pores and gives you a radiant, youthful glow.
  • Hydrate: Hydration should be the staple of any skincare routine for 30s. Strong moisturizers like our Nourishing Cream penetrate deep into the skin and banish dryness for good. Our Renewal Facial Serum, which is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, provides for intense hydration beyond what our moisturizing cream provides, ideal for typical 30's dryness.
  • Protect: Don't leave the house without first protecting your skin from the sun's damaging UV rays. Regardless of the time of year, your complexion will greatly benefit from our Radiance CC Cream SPF 30.


  • Cleanse: For the most part, you can rely on our Revitalizing Cleansing Gel and our Gentle Cleansing Lotion to thoroughly rid your pores of impurities and achieve a youthful glow. However, if you have a particularly rough day, or if you notice rough or dry patches that just won't go away, supplement your normal wash regime with our Dual Action Scrub. The mild scrubbing particles gently polish away rough spots while natural enzymes and other ingredients boost skin's natural radiance.
  • Tone: Lock in nutrients and brighten your skin's appearance with our Glow Facial Oil. Evening primrose and Jojoba oils absorb quickly, thereby allowing you to move on with your evening routine without giving a second thought to your facial regime.
  • Nourishing Cream: Encourage the growth of new collagen while you sleep by hydrating your skin with our Nourishing Cream. This final step will ensure you awake with the soft, subtle skin of your youth.

Brighten Your Skin With Our Best Skin Care Routine for 30s

If you want to achieve the glowing, sun-kissed skin of your youth in your 30s, shop our products online today. If you need help developing the best skin care routine for 30s, reach out to our skin care specialists for guidance today.