Normal Skin

Skin Care Routine: Normal Skin

Organic and vegan facial skin care products from California Pure Naturals in a tray on a bathroom counter to be used in a normal skin care routine.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, it’s important to create and maintain a consistent routine throughout your whole life. As your body ages and changes with time, your skin type may vary, but whatever the characteristics may be, always establish the best skincare regimen for YOU!

If you’re looking to establish a skincare regimen for normal skin, follow along below for a step-by-step guide. But first, find out if your skin is considered normal.

Normal Skin Type

When individuals are described as having a normal skin type, that means the person has a good balance of moisture, is not particularly sensitive to products or textures, even-toned coloring and has minimal blemishes and small pores.

If this is you, well, you’re one of the lucky ones! However, that certainly doesn’t mean you should neglect to develop a normal skincare regimen. By focusing on maintaining the quality of your skin, like including SPF products daily, your skin can keep up its’ healthy appearance.

The Best Skincare Regimen for Normal Skin

If you’re ready to start building the best skin care regimen, continue learning about the four-step routine and discover the California Pure Naturals products best suited for your normal skin type.

  • Cleanse: Don’t skip this step! A good cleanser like the Revitalizing Cleansing Gel or Gentle Cleansing Lotion will help remove bacteria and dirt from the skin. If you’ve been outside a lot or just want to go the extra mile, consider adding in a dual action scrub twice per week as part of your cleansing routine.
  • Tone: The Clarifying Toner will support your skin in maintaining smoothness and calmness to your skin while minimizing pores.
  • Hydrate: Even normal skin guys and gals must add in moisturization to their skincare regimen twice daily. We recommend applying the Oil-Free Hydrator and Renewal Facial Serum in the morning and the Nourishing Cream at night.
  • Protect: Of course, every skin type should wear sun protection with SPF. Our Radiance CC Cream has SPF 30 and will do the job!

Shop California Pure Naturals’ Skincare Regimen Products for Normal Skin Today!

Don’t wait to start caring for your skin the way it deserves -- you’ll thank yourself in the future that you started today! To start building your normal skincare regimen, visit our online shop to begin ordering the products outlined above. If you have further questions regarding our products, send us a message online. We hope you and your skin enjoy California Pure Naturals!