Benefits of Using Organic Beauty Products

California Pure Naturals is here to be your source for natural beauty products that promote healthy skincare. Our products are based on our favorite California-grown organic fruits and are at least 70 percent organic. Over the past several years, the organic skincare market has been rapidly growing and according to a recent study, the global organic beauty products market is expected to nearly double from 2017 to 2024 with an estimated growth from 14.8 billion to 28.7 billion. If you’re unsure as to why the natural beauty product industry has been booming, allow us to share with you a few organic beauty benefits.

Non-Organic Beauty Products Contain Harmful Ingredients

The problem with non-organic beauty products is that they contain plenty of ingredients that can be harmful. These can include synthetic, man-made chemicals as well as toxins that could be residues of pesticides. Some of these chemicals can even cause skin irritation with long-term use. There’s very little regulation into what goes into these products and because of that, companies can put whatever they want into them, whether it’s truly good for your skin or not.

Organic Beauty Products Are Better for Your Skin

While non-organic beauty products contain fast-acting, synthetic ingredients that may cause harm, organic beauty products are much gentler. Over time, these organic products have the nutritional value that supports and helps revitalize your skin.

Organic Beauty Products Are Non-Allergenic

Because organic beauty products don’t contain harsh chemicals, they’re much less likely to cause allergic reactions, strange side effects, or any kind of irritation or inflammation. While it’s still possible that an allergic reaction could occur, it would be because of a much more easily identifiable natural ingredient.

You Can Help Preserve the Environment

Not only can organic beauty products help you – they can help the planet as well! Since these products are organic and naturally grown, they’re free of pesticides and fertilizers, which will avoid leaving behind a harmful footprint on the planet. Additionally, organic beauty products are cruelty-free, meaning that animals won’t have to be tested on to ensure that they’re safe for human use. The ingredients are all-natural so there’s no need for animal testing.

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