Marigold Will Make Your Skin Glow

Marigold Will Make Your Skin GlowCalendula oil is distilled from the flower tops of marigold and has similar medicinal properties as the flower itself. Native to Asia, Western Europe, and the Mediterranean, the oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are beneficial for the skin.

What is Calendula Oil Good For?

Calendula oil has been used by many to calm the skin from various issues. According to this academic review calendula oil from marigold may:

Promote Healing

Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory activity, it helps heal the skin from minor burns and injuries and regenerates new skin cells.

Reduce Inflammation

Many skin ailments are associated with inflammation, and calendula oil promotes healing by reducing inflammation.

Slow Aging

The nutrients found in calendula oil may slow premature aging and wrinkles, and it will make your skin glow.

Help Acne

Inflammation causes acne because of too much sebum. Calendula oil reduces the inflammation, and the antimicrobial agents kill bacteria.


Calendula oil hydrates the skin and locks in moisture to reduce dry skin.

Treat Chronic Skin Diseases

The nutrients found in calendula oil gradually decreases the effect of eczema, psoriasis and other chronic skin

The Benefits of Calendula Oil Are Yours

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Taking the Best of Nature

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