My Updated Skincare Routine - By Ciara

My Updated Skincare Routine - By Ciara

What we put on our skin actually matters, because it’s our largest organ and is responsible for protecting us from illness and disease. 

If you’ve been waiting for a “sign” to transition into clean products, this is it! You can start – gradually – with an updated skincare routine.

I don’t talk about my updated skincare routine often, because it’s one of those things where if I like what I’m using…

I’m a little hesitant to reach for anything new.

I’ll let you know about a facial mist or a new serum I’m loving from time to time, but it’s unusual for me to let you in on my updated skincare routine because…..

I don’t update it too often.

So this is for you.

If you’ve been waiting for a “sign” to transition into clean products, this is it! You can start – gradually – with an updated skincare routine.

You can finally relax and let go of your cancer-causing products and embrace the future you.

Here is my updated skincare routine exactly:

1). I rub Revitalizing Cleansing Gel on my face and neck each night. This helps promote collagen production, and the orange peel makes my face brighter and more kissable 😉 Seriously, Paul loves the smell. Grab it for $10 here.

2). Then I place a few drops of Clarifying Toner onto my reusable cloth and press into my face. It’s so soothing I’m falling asleep thinking about it. This balances out the color, tone, and texture of my face (which is great for anyone who has uneven skin tones or splotchy red places like me). Plus, it smells like rose and cucumber. Ahhhhhh…. Grab it for $12 here.

3). After toner, I put on the Renewal Facial Serum which hydrates my skin throughout the night using antioxidants and vitamins. Grab it for $24 here.

4). The Nourishing Cream is the final step for my updated skincare routine. It makes my skin extremely soft and supple. Grab it for $20 here.

The four products above are the only ones I recommend for you now!

I had a few pimples the first two weeks I used them (because my skin is sensitive and it was getting used to something different) but then I cleared up, started seeing the benefits, and was absolutely hooked!

I promise you – your skin will feel taken care of – and respond by giving you a beautiful glow every single day.

Because I love and trust their products and I’ve been using them for awhile now, I also incorporate these:

5). Gentle Cleansing Lotion each morning in the shower to get rid of any dirt or sweat inside my pores from the 8 hours of sleeping. Grab it for $10 here.

6). Glow Facial Oil when I get out of the shower so that it soaks in completely. This brightens my face for the day! Grab it for $24 here.

7). I use the Dual Action Scrub once a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells and replenish the layers underneath. This stuff smells like papaya and it tightens my skin in the best ways! Grab it for $10 here.


If you made it this far…

thank you for reading about my updated skincare routine. 

I hope you consider ordering the four products I suggested above and start on your clean beauty journey today! Find more of my healthy finds here!