Skin Care Routine: Winter

How Winter Affects Your Skin

Natural and organic facial cream from California Pure Naturals, Nourishing Cream, is surrounded by green foliage.If you happen to live in a geographical area of the world that has multiple seasons then you are most likely used to the arid cold of winter time. The harsh, dry air that rolls in during winter kills off vegetation, rips moisture from the air, and dries out your skin after only a few minutes of being outside. Both your facial skin and the skin across your body can become itchy, flaky and crack if adequate moisture and gentle cleansing aren’t done on a daily basis. At California Pure Naturals, our winter skin care professionals have put together a routine that includes our best products to help your skin stay vibrant and Dewey even during the coldest months of the year.

How To Care For Your Skin Naturally During Winter

As soon as the temperature starts to drop, make sure to upgrade your skincare routine right away to start warding off dry skin. If your skin becomes dry, it will lack oil, have tighter pores and will be more sensitive. When this happens, your epidermis will need an extra boost of moisture to maintain vitality and firmness. Follow the daily routine below to help your skin become smoother, firmer and brighter.


Cleanse: To start your winter skincare routine, use our Gentle Cleansing Lotion at least once-a-day. Our cleansing lotion will nourish your skin as gently as possible, leaving your face perfectly balanced and moisturized. It’s important that you only focus on products that are gentle on your skin, as the winter air will make it hypersensitive to rough exfoliators.

Tone: Once your face is properly cleansed, lean on our Clarifying Toner to calm your skin and soothe your pores. This toner will help reduce pore size, improve the overall tone of your skin and help reduce redness while winter is in full swing.

Hydrate: To ward off dry skin during the day, use our organic Glow Oil followed by our Nourishing Cream. Our Glow Oil works to moisturize your skin with natural ingredients like jojoba oil and evening primrose oil. With our Blackberry Antioxidant Complex and organic cranberry seed oil and argan oil, our Nourishing Cream, leaves your skin feeling lightweight and soft to the touch. Winter dryness won’t stand a chance.

Protect: Regardless if the sun is out or not, during winter, it’s important to use a UVA/UVB protectant all year round, as sun rays can damage your skin just as easily through diffused clouds. Finish off your morning skin routine with our Radiance CC Cream SPF 30, to provide protection from the sun as you enter your day.


Cleanse: After a long day, it is important to care for your skin. During the day, dirt, pollution, and UV rays can affect your skin. To combat this, begin your nightly routine with our Gentle Cleansing Lotion to gently remove makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day. As a supplement, use our  Dual Action Scrub once a week to gently polish off dull skin and eliminate tough-to-reach dirt inside your pores.

Tone: Follow with our Clarifying Toner to ease redness, soften pores, and create evenness in skin texture and tone.

Hydrate: It is important to nourish your skin at night as skin regeneration occurs during sleep. Before you head to bed, reach for our Glow Oil and Nourishing Cream to help keep your skin soft and supple after the cold, dry harshness of a winter day.

Supplemental Tips to Safeguard Your Facial Skin During Cold Months

Alongside our recommended routine, there are other things you can do safeguard your skin during the dry winter months. Follow the tips listed below to bolster your skin’s health and vitality during the winter season:

  • Drink more water
  • Utilize a humidifier indoors
  • Avoid overly hot showers or baths
  • Don’t go outside with wet skin

Try Out Our Winter Skin Care Routine For Yourself!

Ready to defeat Old Man Winter once and for all? With California Pure Naturals’ winter skin care products, you’ll be able to keep dry, cracked skin at bay while giving your skin the radiance and even tone it deserves. To learn more about our natural winter skincare, don’t hesitate to stop by our online store. For all of your winter skin care related questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ page, or get in touch with one of our winter skincare experts today!