5 Ways to use Facial Oils

Not everyone uses facial oils, but they’re a good staple to everyone’s skin care collection. Yes, even oily skin shouldn’t be afraid to use oils, as it can help the skin produce less oil throughout the day!

Here we’ll be talking about 5 ways to use facial oils rather than just applying them to the skin on their own.

1. Apply it to your moisturizer for added hydration

Use a facial oil with your favorite moisturizer for added hydration (you’re applying moisturizer everyday, right?). You can mix the two products in the palm of your hand or even mix them together in another container for a custom oil and moisturizer combo.

2. Apply it to the skin before foundation to get a dewy/glowy effect

Use a facial oil before a foundation to get a beautiful “glow from within” effect. (We recommend our glow facial oil!) Apply your oil and massage into the skin using your fingertips. Once it settles for a minute or two, apply your favorite foundation how you normally would. You can also mix your oil and foundation on a small palette and apply it that way.

3. Use on cuticles to promote healthy nails

Facial oils aren’t just for the face! Use your oil to apply small drops on each cuticle, then spend 10-20 seconds rubbing the oil into your cuticle and nail area. You should notice softer skin around the nails, healthier cuticles, and with long term use, even stronger nails.

4.  Add to cream makeup products for easier blending

Apply a small drop or two directly onto any makeup cream product. This can include concealers, color correctors, cream foundations, etc. Swirl it around using a makeup brush, and then apply to the face. This allows for easier blending of the makeup product, increased pigmentation, and a nice glowy finish.

5. Use it as a natural highlight or with highlighters

Our Glow Facial Oil gives off a beautiful glowy effect, and can be worn as a highlight or be added to a highlighter for added pigment. Use a brush or sponge to apply our glow oil to places like your collar bones, cheek bones, shoulders, tip of the nose, etc. for a natural highlighting effect without glitter. This effect will work best on bare, dry skin. This technique is great for adding a natural summer glow for your next trip to the beach. (Don’t forget your sunscreen!)

You can also add a small drop to any cream or powder highlight to give a much more blinding glow to your products. (You only need a tiny amount of oil!)

Try our Glow Facial Oil today!