Toner + Serum: The Dynamic Duo

Want to show off beautiful natural skin without constantly battling irritation/redness, acne, and irritation? If you’re currently already caught in the battle, it’s time to take a different approach rather than hiding the problems with makeup. It’s time to introduce two essentials into your skincare routine that help improve the look and health of your facial skin: toner and serum.

How Does Facial Toner Work?

Facial Toners actually serve many purposes. They are best known for shrinking pores by removing oil and grit, giving pores a smaller appearance. They also help restore your skin’s pH balance—this is important because having a balanced pH on your facial skin will help protect it from bacteria, allergens, and pollution while helping to maintain moisture and provide a dewy appearance. Facial toners can also help close pores and tighten skin!

How Does Facial Serum Work?

Facial serum has a really big and important job. The main purpose of a serum is to deliver nutrients and active ingredients to a deeper level within the skin cells. Regularly compared to moisturizing heavy creams because of their active ingredients, the main difference between the two is how serums may behave when on the skin. While heavy moisturizers tend to stay at the surface of the skin because of their thick makeup, serums are generally clear gels or liquids that make their way deeper into your skin and penetrate the top layers more easily, therefore, helping the active ingredients that the serum contains reach depths that other beauty products simply cannot. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve in your skin, you’ll find that there are many different types of serums with different active ingredients that can serve anti-aging, antioxidant, hydrating or even color-correcting purposes!

Putting Two And Two Together

While using a toner and a serum individually on their own will give you good results, if you’re looking for great results, we recommend using them together. Our Clarifying Toner is fortified with rose geranium and cucumber extracts and helps minimize redness/irritation, shrink your pores, and improve skin tone and texture to give you a dewy glow. While the toner is still damp on your skin, we suggest applying our Renewal Facial Serum. This organic serum helps restore your glow, smoothes imperfections, and plumps up your skin with the help of Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Leave Your Skin Feeling Soft And Looking Youthful, Today!

Now that you know the possibilities of toners and serums, it’s easy to start using them! Help improve the look and feel of your skin today with our organic Clarifying Toner and Renewal Facial Serum. Looking for extra moisturizing action? Add a third step and apply our Nourishing Cream in order to hydrate your skin even more! If you have more questions about the active ingredients in our products or how to target specific problem areas in your skin, feel free to get in touch with us online!