Rosehip Oil for Your Face and Skin: How to Lock in More Moisture and Protect Your Skin

If you're not a huge fan of the smell of roses, don't let the name throw you off: rosehip oil doesn't come from those big blooms you see every Valentine's Day. Instead, rosehip oil comes from rosehip fruit. The oils have been used for centuries in what is now known as Chile and the surrounding areas. The fruit's oil has high concentrations of fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. The oil is also bursting with antioxidants and carotenoids.

Some of the most popular rosehip oil benefits include:

1. Brightening Your Skin

Rosehip oil is packed with vitamin C. Aside from the numerous other benefits of vitamin C, this component can reduce hyperpigmentation, the formation of age spots, and more. It can give your skin a bright glow. Rosehip oil also includes retinoids, which can unclog your pores, clear acne, and reduce redness. Retinoids encourage fast skin cell turnover so you have fewer problems from dead skin cells.

2. Reducing Signs of Aging and Tiredness

Vitamin C can do more than just brighten skin. It can also help reduce the development of signs of aging and long-term skin damage such as wrinkles and flat skin. This is because vitamin C is an antioxidant. It can help counter the effects of exposure to free radicals, which are uncharged molecules that steal electrons from other molecules. In fact, one of the key rosehip skin benefits might be its ability to turn back the clock on how your skin looks and feels.

3. Fighting Acne and Infection

Acne doesn't always stop as you get into your twenties and thirties. So it's important to look for ingredients that can help clear infection, reduce redness and inflammation, and healthily unclog your pores. Products with rosehip oil for face can support these benefits.. It's also anti-bacterial, so it can help stop bacteria from reaching skin that's sensitive to acne breakouts.

4. Locking in Moisture

Remember those fatty acids we mentioned earlier? Those help keep your skin smooth and moisturized. The fatty acids reach deep into your skin to provide hydration, and the oils provide a light barrier that keeps the moisture in your skin. So make sure you use rosehip oil for your face.

Incorporate Rosehip Skin Benefits Into Your Daily Routine with These Products

California Pure Naturals provides skin care products with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Some of our top facial products and lotions include:

  • Radiance CC Cream SPF 30: Rosehip shines in this multi-tasking CC cream. It helps even out your skin tone and keeps free-radicals from penetrating your skin. This product also has zinc oxide so you can worry less about artificial chemicals on your skin or in the environment.
  • Glow Facial Oil: Facial oil is an important part of skin care, especially for your face. Your face's skin is constantly exposed to bacteria, free radicals, and artificial heating or air conditioning. Mix our Glow Facial Oil into your favorite cream to add in powerful hydration that keeps your face smooth and healthy all day long. This product includes rosehip oil, argan oil, lavender oil, and basil oil. Not only will your skin feel fresh all day long, but it also smells wonderful. You can even add a drop to your conditioner to smooth your hair.
  • Renewal Facial Serum: This serum uses the retinoids and fatty acids in rosehip oil to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. It also includes our Blackberry Antioxidant Complex for even stronger protection. With this serum, you can enjoy glowing, even-toned skin every day.

Want to know more about where our ingredients come from. Browse our FAQs to learn more about our organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredient policies at California Pure Naturals.