The Amazing Skin Care Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a hugely popular beverage in many countries with a detailed history of medicinal use, including use in relieving headaches and producing the focusing caffeine buzz most people get from drinking coffee. Studies have shown that about three to five cups of green tea a day can provide a range of healthy benefits that the plant has to offer.

Drinking green tea has many reported benefits , especially in combating free radicals with its powerful antioxidants. The plant extract is doubly effective in skin care, including helping to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, excessive oiliness, and damage from exposure to UV rays. Read on to find out how using green tea in your daily beauty routine supports soft, healthy skin.

Green Tea And Skin Care

Green tea extract can do amazing things for your skin, such as helping to:

Drinking green tea is far from the only way to get its health benefits. Using organic moisturizers and other facial care products that include green tea can help reduce redness and harmful bacteria, which is ideal for combating acne. Green tea extract can also provide protection from UV damage and the effects of aging due to the antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG for short), which allows skin to heal and renew itself at a faster pace.

The Science Behind Green Tea

Green tea is made from the fresh, unfermented leaves and buds that are taken from the Camellia sinensis tea plant. Because the leaves are not heavily processed, their health benefits are more biologically active than those found in other types of tea.

These young leaves are brimming with skin-saving antioxidants, including vitamins B and C, which help to facilitate collagen production and protect your skin from environmental damage. Tea leaves also contain polyphenols and catechins, compounds which are amazing for protecting us from infections, the effects of aging, and even cancer. One notable polyphenol is called EGCG, and has been found to be the most effective anti-cancer component within green tea.

California Pure Naturals Green Tea Products

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